Parenting Time

Parenting Time has replaced the term “visitation”. Parenting Plans allocate the time that each parent spends with the child.

There are model parenting plans available from the Arizona Supreme Court which provide guidelines for parents and the court to consider.

Key factors in determining a parenting time allocation that is in the best interest of the children include:

  • Age of the child(ren)
  • Relationship of the child(ren) to each parent
  • History as to which parent provided primary care to the child(ren)
  • Work schedule of each parent
  • School and extra-curricular schedule of the child(ren)
  • History of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence for either parent
  • History of alcohol or drug abuse for either parent

Parenting time to be allocated includes a regular schedule for weekdays and weekends, holidays, school breaks, summer break, and vacation.

Free mediation through the Family Court of Conciliation is available and mandatory if there is any dispute regarding custody of parenting time.

In some circumstances a custodial evaluation and/or parenting time evaluation are ordered by the Court to assist the Judge in deciding what is in the best interest of the children.