Family Law

Legal services provided include:
  dissolution of marriage
  legal separation
  post-decree modification of child custody
  post-decree modification of child support
  post-decree modification of visitation
  post-decree relocation of parent and child to another community in Arizona or to another state
  post-decree enforcement of terms of decree of dissolution and/or marital settlement agreement.
  pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

The goal is to help clients achieve through settlement if possible, or through trial if necessary, a comprehensive and fair resolution of all issues including  child custody and parenting plan, child support, equitable division of property and debts, and spousal maintenance where warranted by the circumstances.

Communication between attorney and client is a high value, and you will  have prompt access to your attorney to answer your questions.

If you have minor child(ren) legal advice will be provided to achieve a custody arrangement and parenting plan that is best for your child(ren).  You will be advised regarding calculation of child support, determining how uncovered medical and dental expenses are paid, allocating the federal and state income tax exemptions for the minor child(ren), and assigning parenting time transportation duties and expenses.

You will be advised regarding an equitable division of community property and community debts.  Advice will be given to determine whether you or your spouse own separate property or owe separate debts.  You will be advised whether spousal maintenance is appropriate for either spouse, and if so in what amount and for what length of time.

In the event that you need an Order of Protection you will be advised on how to obtain one.

If you and your fiancé desire a pre-nuptial agreement or a post-nuptial agreement, I can advise you and draft or review such an agreement.  Your fiancé will need to have his or her own attorney.

If you are in need of any family law service please refer to Collaborative Law.