Probate is a legal process by which the ownership of property is transferred from the deceased person to their devisees or heirs.

After the death of a family member you will need advice regarding how the deceased person’s bills can be paid, tax returns filed, and assets distributed to the person(s) legally entitled to them.

Probate is needed if the deceased person did not have a trust, and if the property in the estate exceeds $50,000.00 in value.  If the estate is valued at less than $50,000.00, the assets can be transferred by means of an Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property, and/or an Affidavit of Succession to Real Property.  If the deceased person had a trust, no probate is usually necessary.

In Arizona a Personal Representative (known as an executor in other states) is appointed by the Court to act in the place of the deceased person.  A deceased person’s estate can be probated if the deceased has a valid will (testate) or if the deceased does not have a will (intestate).

I can assist you to probate an estate that is either testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will). In either situation the appropriate documents will be prepared and filed with the court.  Every effort will be made to make the probate process as smooth and as expeditious as possible.