Tucson Estate Planning and Divorce Attorney

I am attorney Gail Jansen.  I am an experienced estate planning attorney and family law attorney.     Whether you are facing a divorce or are ready to plan for your family’s future, you are seeking advice and representation that you can trust.   You deserve competence, communication, and compassion from your attorney.  In my role as your attorney, my goal is to look at your circumstances and resources so that I can tailor my services to meet your goals now and in the future.  Located in Tucson, I serve people in all financial and family situations.

  • Competent representation means that I can identify and advise you about options and issues that apply uniquely to your situation.  I will guide you through the legal process to achieve a comprehensive and fair resolution of all issues.
  • Communication between attorney and client is a high priority for me.  My clients  receive prompt access to me for answers to their questions.
  • You can expect compassion as you navigate a stressful and uncertain time in your life.  I am here to listen to your struggles and to help you craft solutions that will enable you to go forward positively into your new circumstances.

Family Law  Choices of Legal Processes

  • Litigation: You hire an attorney to represent you in court.  Settlement options are fully explored.  If you and your spouse are unable to settle, a judge will decide all issues after hearing each spouse testify and present evidence.
  • Collaborative Law: Each spouse hires an attorney trained in the collaborative law process to help you arrive at a settlement without going to court.  A collaborative team of attorneys, child specialists, coaches who are trained in mental health, and financial professionals can be used to help the parties reach settlement through a series of meetings.  If no agreement is reached, the collaborative attorneys must withdraw and the parties either hire new attorneys, or represent themselves.
  • Mediation: You and your spouse could use a mediator to assist you in reaching an agreement.  The mediator cannot provide you with legal advice, so you may still want an attorney to review the agreement, and advise you.
  • Self-representation: You represent yourself without the advice and assistance of an attorney.  Your spouse may either self-represent or hire an attorney.  You do not incur legal fees, but you assume various risks.  If your spouse has an attorney and you do not, you may be outmaneuvered in either settlement negotiations or in trial.  If you settle without the advice of an attorney, you may risk agreeing to something unfair or unenforceable.  You may also completely miss key areas that should be dealt with.

For more information on these dispute resolution methods, or for information on any issue particular to your case, you can explore this website further or give me a call to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

Estate Planning

I create custom designed estate plans for both small and large estates. I will direct you to proper estate tax planning if your estate is subject to estate taxes.   With my help, your plan will provide for all your loved ones, and meet both your simple and complex health and financial needs.


In the event that you need to probate the estate of a family member or friend, I can represent you as Personal Representative.


If a family member or friend needs a guardianship or conservatorship, I can advise and represent either the proposed ward or the family member who petitions to be appointed as conservator and/or guardian.